Evolucare acquisition

The Evolucare Technologies group, major player in healthcare IT solutions, announces a major participation in Dotnext.

The company develops, sells and installs medical software, including QCare OR, a solution dedicated to Operating Theatres, with a large installed base in France and Belgium. The company is also active in Germany. Dotnext and Evolucare already partnrered succesfully for two years, achieving numerous commercial hits.

According to Elie Le Guilcher, president of Evolucare Technologies, "Dotnext will allow our group to even better respond to public tenders aiming at Anesthesia and OR; moreover, this operation will facilitate our entry into the Belgian and German markets". Jean Verstraeten, Managing Director and co-owner of Dotnext adds that "this partnership will allow Dotnext substantial growth on the French market, considering the size of Evolucare's sales organization".

About Evolucare Technologies: The Evolucare Technologies group employs an enthousistic group of IT professionals specialized in Healthcare, since 1988. It aspires to bring a broad range of products and services to the whole healthcare community. It grows every year, both in staff and offering. The group actually has more than 1200 custmers in the Healthcare sector. Website: www.evolucare.com.